Fortnite Mobile Tips and Tricks for Combat

Everyone who has played at least one match of Fortnite knows that getting the sweet, sweet Victory Royale is not an easy task. You have to compete against 99 other players and they all have the same goal to remain the last one standing. Fortnite Mobile is equally, if not even more difficult than the PC or console versions of the game. Players need to aim with their touchscreens and it takes some serious skill in order to get headshots. With that said, today we are going to present three tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will help all players get better at the game.

#1 How to Reinforce Stairs

Building is one of the most important features in Fortnite Mobile and it plays an important role in combat. Learning to build fast and what to build makes the difference between normal and great players. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to build complicated structures every time you get into a gunfight. Stairs will do the job just fine and our first tip for Fortnite Mobile is to reinforce the stairs with panels so that they don’t get destroyed fast.

#2 Llama Loot

What all Fortnite Mobile players keep forgetting about is that finding Llamas is the best way to get equipped with powerful loot. Llamas are scattered all around the map and they are filled with premium grade loot.

#3 Close Gunfights

As we previously mentioned, the most difficult part about playing Fortnite on a smartphone is having to aim with the touchscreen instead of a mouse. Luckily, this can all be avoided by getting up close and personal with enemies. The trick here is to always carry a shotgun everywhere because this is the best weapon when it comes to close encounters. One good hit and the enemy will go right down.

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