BioWare’s Anthem Made Fans Worry About the Future of the Studio

BioWare’s latest game, Anthem, has been released on the 22nd of February, so not that long ago, but it hasn’t been received too well by the fans. There have been some technical issues with the game and even some loot drop controversies.

The bad start of the game created some worry amongst people, which started wondering what the future of the developer is going to be like or whether there will be one. We know that its parent company, Electronic Arts shut down some studios that didn’t deliver what was expected in the past.

Luckily for the fans of BioWare, it seems that they don’t need to worry about the studio being shut down by EA, as this will not happen.

No need to worry about the future of BioWare

Michael Gamble, the producer of Anthem, has recently replied to a fan on Twitter, saying that there shouldn’t be any concern about the company being closed by EA. He mentioned that “Lots of folks are playing Anthem” and added that BioWare is planning to continue supporting the newest game, “and we’ve announced our live service plans. Don’t worry about that, we are getting great support.”

However, even though Gamble also said that the studio is receiving support at the moment, he didn’t make it clear whether it’s EA or the fans that support BioWare.

Is there hope for Anthem?

Nevertheless, there is still hope that Anthem will get better, especially if it will receive a lot of support. If the title is able to maintain an audience, the studio might actually stand a chance of recovering from all of this. It wouldn’t be impossible to see the game getting more popular later on, as we’ve seen it happening before with other live service games. So BioWare’s most recent game might still get better along the way and make fans happy.

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