Fortnite Mobile Expert Tips and Tricks

Ever since Fortnite launched on Android and iOS, it became the world’s most popular game. Fortnite brings a level of fun and excitement that other games don’t offer and this is why Fortnite was able to set a record of more than 200 million concurrent players. Talking about Fortnite Mobile, the game feels way different on a smartphone than it does on a PC. Players need to aim and build while using their touchscreen and this is much more difficult than it might sound. With that said, we have rounded up the top three tips and tricks that will help all Fortnite Mobile players aim better and start getting more use than they usually do.

Top Three Tips and Tricks

  1. Mobile Sound Indicator

The first trick that we want to share with Fortnite Mobile players is so powerful that it can even be classified as a cheat. The trick is to enable the mobile sound indicator because this will show players where the enemies are coming from. The great thing about the mobile sound indicator is that it makes it possible for people to play Fortnite Mobile even in places where they shouldn’t make any noise.

  1. Practice the Controls

When it comes to aiming, there isn’t that much that Fortnite Mobile players can do other than to tweak out the touchscreen sensitivity. However, the best and fastest way to improve your aiming skills in Fortnite Mobile is to practice using the controls while sitting in the lobby.

  1. Auto-Run

While this might seem like an obvious trick in Fortnite Mobile, there are many players who keep forgetting about it. All players should make sure that they are using auto-run whenever they start covering long distances because this makes it possible for them to use the touch screen in order to check out the surroundings for enemies or ground loot.

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