WhatsApp – How to Lower the Overall Mobile Data Consumption

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chatting app with a monthly active user base of more than one billion people and it doesn’t need any other introduction than that. The chatting app is renowned for offering a plethora of features that have been specially designed to make it for people to communicate with their friends and family members. However, there are some downsides to using WhatsApp and the biggest one of them is the fact that the chatting app uses lots of mobile data.

If you feel like WhatsApp is churning all your mobile data and it increases your mobile data plan cost, then you arrived at the right place. We have rounded the top three tips and tricks that will help all WhatsApp users reduce the overall mobile data that the app needs in order to function properly. With that said, let’s get into it.

How to Lower Mobile Data Consumption

#1 Check Mobile Data Usage

The first thing that all WhatsApp users who are noticing that their mobile data is running out too quickly need to do is to check the app’s data usage tracker. This feature will provide users with an app-by-app breakdown of data usage. The data usage tracker can be accessed by following the next steps Settings – Data and Storage – Network Usage.

#2 Enable Low Data Usage Mode

The fastest and simplest way to get WhatsApp to consume lower amounts of mobile data is to enable the low data usage mode. Just like the mode’s name implies, WhatsApp will no longer use hundreds of megabytes in order to load unnecessary stuff. The mode can be activated by following the next steps: Settings – Data and Storage Usage – Low Data Usage – now tick the box.

#3 Stop Automatic Updates

The last trick that will help WhatsApp users lower the overall amount of mobile data that the app uses on a daily basis is to stop automatic updates when the smartphone is not connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Updates are important and more than often they are quite large in size, thus making it easy for WhatsApp to use hundreds of data megabytes. Nonetheless, this feature can be enabled by following the next steps: Settings – Data and Storage Usage – When using mobile data.

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