Google Play Store 13.8.16 APK Brings Faster Performances

Android fans should be happy to know that a new APK update for the Google Play Store has been made available for download. The update sports the 13.8.16 version number and it was released yesterday. Since the new update is fresh, the only ones who can download the update are Android fans who have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option on their smartphones. The reason why the “Unknown Sources” option needs to be enabled is because APK updates are first released on Google’s official website and only after a couple of weeks pass by, they get released via OTA (over the air) channels.

Google Play Store 13.8.16 APK

As we already mentioned, the new update for the Google Play Store is available in the form of APK (Android Package Kit) and it changes the feature’s version number to 13.8.6. What makes this update stand out from the rest and gives it a high-priority status is the fact that it focuses on enhancing the performances of the Google Play Store by introducing a handful of software tweaks.

Faster Performances

Everyone who has ever used the Google Play Store in order to download an app or a mobile game knows that the Google Play Store moves fast. However, the new 13.8.16 APK update makes the Google Play Store even faster because it adds a handful of software tweaks that optimize the feature’s performances.

Responsive UI (User Interface)

Furthermore, the new APK update for the Google Play Store also improves the feature’s UI responsiveness. Even though the Google Play Store is a premium level feature, some issues still manage to appear from time to time. Luckily, Google is here to take care of them through bug fixes and help the Google Play Store provide Android fans with a premium user experience.

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