Google Play Store 13.7.30 APK with Bug Fixes is Now Live

Many could argue that the Google Play Store is the feature that makes the Android operating system so popular. The Google Play Store is the place where all Android fans go to whenever they want to download a new mobile game or app. Thus, no one should be surprised to find out that the Google Play Store gets all the undivided attention of the Android parent. Google is renowned for constantly rolling out updates for its operating system and today, Google has released a new APK update for the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store 13.7.30 APK

As previously noted, the Google Play Store has received a new update today which changes its version number to 13.7.30. This is a high priority update for all Android fans because it focuses on improving the software stability of the Google Play Store, thus making the feature more reliable than ever.

Since this is an APK update that we are talking about, Google has not released it via OTA (over the air) channels. APK updates are usually made available for download one or two weeks before the updates get officially released OTA and anyone who wants to download them needs to do it manually.

Yes, we know. Having to manually download and install updates is annoying, but it’s all worth it in the end. The only thing that Android users need to do other than downloading the new APK file on their smartphones is to head over to the Settings panel and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option.


Can you imagine how annoying it would be if the Google Play Store stopped working? Or if a bug crashed right before a mobile game finished downloading? Well, this is never going to happen as long as Google keeps pushing out APK updates on a regular basis.

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