Minecraft: Top Three Secret Tips and Tricks

If you love playing Minecraft in your free time, then you arrived at the right website. Today we are going to present a couple of cool tips and tricks for Minecraft that you didn’t know you could do. We have rounded up these tips and tricks from multiple Minecraft community forums where veteran players share the knowledge that they gathered about the game during this past couple of years. Therefore, the tips that you are about to learn are going to bring you closer to the rank of veteran player. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Torches Go Everywhere

One of the most useful tricks that you can learn in order to get better at building and surviving in Minecraft is that you can place torches on about everything, including furnace and crafting tables. The trick to making this work is to have a transparent block created behind the crafting bench or furnace and target its edges whenever you want to place torches.

Torches are Surprisingly Strong!

Since we are talking about torches, we need to let all Minecraft players know that torches are much stronger than they look. Torches can hold any amount of weight on them and this can be quite useful, especially when creating complex structures such as a standstone-free pyramid.

How to Make Fireproof Houses

Building a house is the first thing that all Minecraft players need to do whenever they join the Survival mode. There is a simple and cool trick that can make any house fireproof and have a stronger blast resistance than usual. The trick here is to cover the house’s walls with wooden slabs which are much more resistant to blasts than wooden blanks and to top it all off, wooden slabs are not affected by fire!

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