LG G8 Can Unlock Itself by Reading Your Palm

The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) has just begun and LG released alongside its first 5G phone another premium smartphone, the LG G8 ThinQ, which is the successor of LG G7 ThinQ that was released last year. The company has updated the newest phone’s front camera, which is known as a Z Camera and introduced a couple of new tricks. These additions will change the way users interact with their smartphones in the future.

LG G8 comes with 3D facial recognition and biometric authentication

LG G8 has an 8MP camera with an IR sensor and transmitter for motion-captioning purposes and 3D mapping. This means that the phone can use 3D mapping for face unlocking. Compared to the 2D facial recognition that the LG G7 had, the face unlock feature on the current phone is more secure and it can even be used in conditions where there’s not too much light.

Probably the most interesting feature that G8 is equipped with is Hand ID, which is a type of biometric authentication. This new feature allows the smartphone to unlock itself by scanning the veins in users’ hands. The IR sensor from the phone collects information from the hemoglobin in the users’ blood and then creates an image of their veins inside their hand. Then, all one has to do is to hover their hands over the phone’s camera to unlock it, without actually touching it.

Air Motion is another interesting feature that was introduced by LG

The Air Motion feature is connected to the Hand ID feature. Due to the fact that the front-facing camera of LG G8 can track and read hand movements, users can easily interact with the phone in a completely new way, without needing to touch to device at all. This means that users can even swipe left and right in order to access various apps or adjust the volume.

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