New Fallout Project Teased By Bethesda Softworks

Many thought that the backlash received by Fallout 76 might have put the development of other Fallout titles on hold, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to several reliable sources, placeholder pages for a Fallout-related video game popped up on Amazon before being promptly deleted. The listings mentioned that the game would be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (three different versions would be available for the Xbox One). No official date appeared, but the listings featured a generic December 31st release date. A link towards a teaser page was also provided, bringing curious people to a page that shows a Fallout-like countdown towards a supposed announcement.

As expected, the news sparked heated debates among the gaming community, with angry fans bringing Fallout 76 under the light. The game was released less than six months ago and is already on sale with a discount of over 50%. German shops are so disappointed by the poor sales that they are bundling the game for free with a large selection of items to give them away as fast as they can.

Bethesda Softworks might reveal this new Fallout project during E3 2019

Fallout 76 was met with poor reviews from critics and fans alike. Bethesda’s first foray into multiplayer titles failed miserably after many fans complained across several forums that they paid for an incomplete product, riddled with bugs, devoid of content and so poorly implemented that triggering end-game events would force the server to crash.

Another scandal began when those that paid extra for a special edition of the game received canvas bags that were made of poor-quality nylon. Bethesda tried to solve the issue by offering a $5 pack of premium currency, but the aggressive feedback forced the company to apologize and deliver real canvas bags to disgruntled buyers.

It is likely that an official announcement will be released during E3 2019 regarding a potential new Fallout title. The famous event will take place in June.

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