iPhone 11 Will “Borrow” a Feature From Google’s Pixel 3

Samsung launched its highly anticipated Galaxy S10 two days ago and the smartphone looks amazing. This begs the question, how is Apple going to top that? Galaxy S10 ships with a plethora of exclusive features such as the punch-hole design and the most powerful hardware specs available on the market. Therefore, the expectations for iPhone 11 are bigger than ever and Apple needs to deliver if it wants its next-generation flagship smartphone to be successful.

In typical Apple fashion, the Cupertino based tech giant isn’t releasing any information about iPhone 11. Luckily, Ming-Chi Kuo who is a reliable tech analyst that somehow always stays one step ahead of Apple has published a new report on iPhone 11 and he said a bunch of interesting things.

Frosted Glass Casing

Ming-Chi Kuo said that one of the biggest changes that Apple fans are going to notice when iPhone 11 is announced is that the handheld device will ship with a new design that features frosted glass casing. While this might sound like a great design, the problem here is that Google’s Pixel 3 already features frosted glass casing and Apple is known for starting trends in the smartphone industry, not for following them.

Full Matte Glass Back

If there’s something that we can be sure about when it comes to iPhone 11’s design, then it has to be the fact that it will feature a glass back. This design feature was introduced when iPhone 4S launched and now it made a comeback with iPhone X.


Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is looking to equip iPhone 11 with a full mate glass back. This will improve the grip that users have on the device. Although, this doesn’t really matter since most iPhone 11 users will use a case in order to keep it safe from damage.

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