Is GBWhatsapp Safe to Use? (The Most Popular WhatsApp Mod)

We think it’s safe to assume that everyone has heard about WhatsApp since this is the world’s most popular chatting app with more than one billion registered accounts. Furthermore, there is a special mod for the chatting app called GBWhatsapp which introduces a plethora of new features and software tweaks that make it even easier for people to keep in touch with their friends and family members.

Some of the features that GBWhatsapp introduces are really useful such as the ability to hide their “last seen online” status or to use two different WhatsApp accounts, something which isn’t possible on the original version of the app. However, GBWhatsapp is a third-party app and it is not developed by Facebook. This begs the question, is GBWhatsapp safe to use?

Will WhatsApp Ban You?

The first thing that the developers of WhatsApp did when GBWhatsapp started getting popular is that they were banning accounts left and right. Everyone who used GBWhatsapp had to fear the ban “hammer”, but fortunately, the developers of WhatsApp noticed that there are too many people who enjoy GBWhatsapp and they decided to lay back. Therefore, your WhatsApp account is safe even though you might be using the GBWhatsapp mod.

Does GBWhatsapp Have Malware?

Taking into account that GBWhatsapp is an app which will access people’s contacts list and photos, everyone is wondering if GBWhatsapp is malware the first time they download it. However, there are no reports to show that GBWhatsapp is, in fact, malicious software and since the mod has been available for a couple of years now, we don’t think that this is going to change any time soon. Therefore, GBWhatsapp is safe to use and nothing bad will happen. Although, we do need to advise WhatsApp users to download and install GBWhatsapp from a reliable source.

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