Fortnite Mobile – How to Dominate Your Enemies

Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now with more than 200 million people playing it every month. This is a staggering user base and the best thing about it is that the competition in Fortnite is stronger than ever. The perfect example of this is how fans of Fortnite Mobile are always theory crafting new strategies on how to aim better or to take the enemy by surprise faster in order to have an edge over their enemies. With that said, we have rounded up the top three tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will help new players dominate their enemies and get that sweet, sweet Victory Royale.

How to Dominate Your Enemies

  • Aiming Tips

The most difficult thing about playing Fortnite Mobile is that players need to use their smartphone’s touchscreen instead of a keyboard and mouse. While this might not sound that problematic at first, the recoil on some weapons will prove to be quite tricky. Therefore, we advise all Fortnite Mobile players to tweak out their touch screen sensitivity until they find something that works best for them.

  • Bunkers

Yes, we know that building is the most annoying thing about Fortnite Mobile but it can also be the feature that gives you a big advantage over your enemies. The best Fortnite Mobile players are the ones who can build fast. However, our advice for new Fortnite Mobile players is to not complicate themselves with complex structures and try to master the art of building a bunker from wood or metal fast.

  • Take Advantage of the Loading Area

Even though most Fortnite Mobile players are browsing the web or going to take a glass of water during the loading screen, there are lots of useful things that you can do here. Try to use the loading area as a playground to test all weapons that are available in game. Nothing will happen to you and you can shoot everyone you want because they won’t take any damage.

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