VidMate: New APK Update, Version 3.6507, Available for Downloading

A new APK update for the popular Android video downloader VidMate is now available to download. After this new update, the version number of the app will be 3.6507. Also, don’t forget that, just like with the previous updates, the latest one has to be downloaded manually, as it comes in the form of an APK.

The latest update is ready to be downloaded

Fans of VidMate can already install the most recent update of the program on their smartphones. As we’ve mentioned before, the APK needs to be downloaded manually, which shouldn’t be a problem at all. Thanks to the new update, the overall software stability of the program has been improved, as several bugs have been successfully fixed. Everything should now run smoothly within the program and users can continue enjoying a great video downloading experience.

Here’s how you need to install APK updates

If you have decided to install the latest APK update, version number 3.6507, before you do anything else, you need to access the Settings of your smartphone and enable the “Unknown sources” option. Since APK updates cannot be found through the Google Play Store, anyone who wants to download them needs to follow this important step, which allows the installation of the update.

Once this option has been enabled, you will need to go the official website of the app or any other website that provides the latest update and is reliable. You will then need to find the most recent APK file for VidMate that needs to be downloaded and install it on your smartphone. After the installation process has ended, you can go back to using your favorite video downloader just as you were doing before. You shouldn’t encounter any problems while downloading the most recent APK update.

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