Top Survival Tips and Tricks for Minecraft in 2019

It’s been almost a decade since Minecraft was released. Can you believe that? The most unbelievable thing about Minecraft is that even though the game has been out for nearly ten years, there are still thousands of players who enjoy the game to this day. Of course, Minecraft might not be the global phenomenon that it used to be, but this doesn’t mean that the game is dead.

Nonetheless, we have rounded up the top two tips and tricks for Minecraft that will help players who enjoy the Survival Mode last for longer than usual. These tips and tricks are gathered from popular Minecraft forums and all new players should learn them if they want to get better at the game.

How to Survive for Longer Times

  • The Ladders Trick

The first thing that all Minecraft players need to do whenever they start a new game in the Survival Mode is to build a house that can keep them safe from the night’s terrors. Although, many players forget that the house needs to be protected as well and the best way to do this is by using the ladders trick. Build ladders as the only way to access your house because enemies can’t climb it.

  • Spawn Villages

Villages are one of the coolest features in Minecraft and they give players lots of things to do while increasing the game’s immersion as well. However, villages only spawn in certain conditions and they will not appear out of nowhere. Minecraft players who want to have village close to them should head out to a flat area such as a savannah or desert plains because that’s the only to build a house next to a village filled with NPCs.


These are our two tips and tricks that all new Minecraft players need to learn if they want to last for longer in the Survival Mode. We hope that you can put them to good use!

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