New iOS 12 Jailbreak Tool for Developers Has Arrived

The internet has been buzzing with rumors about a new iOS 12 jailbreak tool that is going to be released to the general public for this past couple of months. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated iOS 12 jailbreak tool has yet to come and iPhone users don’t have any other option than to keep waiting. However, we do have some good news for Apple fans who like to jailbreak their iPhones! The developer Jake James has recently released a new developer-centric RootlessJB jailbreak tool for iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Took

We need to mention right from the start that the new RootlessJB jailbreak tool is exclusive to developers. The new tool can jailbreak all iOS devices that are powered by the A9, A10 and 11 processors. Therefore, the RootlessJB jailbreak tool is incompatible with iPhone 6S, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS and iPhone XR which are running on A12X.

Not a Complete Tool

Even though the jailbreak tool from Jake James works just fine, it doesn’t provide Apple developers with full iOS freedom. The jailbreak tool doesn’t offer root access and it doesn’t support popular package managers such as Cydia and Cydia Substrate.

Jake James Tweeted last week that his new tool can tweak SpringBoard and unsandboxed apps. On the downside of things, the developer also Tweeted that the preferenceloader is broken and that it is not very stable. Not just that, but the developer made it loud and clear that people who are not experienced with jailbreak tools should stay away from his latest RootlessJB.

Public iOS 12 Jailbreak Tool – Why Is Taking So Long?


The question that all iPhone and iPad users who enjoy using jailbreak tools must be asking themselves is why is no one releasing a stable iOS 12 jailbreak tool? Well, the reason why it’s taking so long for this tool to be developed is that Apple is doing all its in power to make it increasingly more difficult for developers to crack iOS with every new update.

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