WhatsApp Essential Tips & Tricks for Account Security

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chatting app with more than one billion monthly active users. The fact that the app is used by people from all over the world speaks volume about the quality of services that it offers. However, the user experience of WhatsApp can always get better if you learn a couple of tips and tricks. Here is where we come in because we have gathered the top three most essential tips and tricks for chatting with WhatsApp and we are going to present them today.

Essential Tips & Tricks

  • Inspect Data Usage

If you ever feel like your mobile data is running out too quickly, then you might want to inspect just how much of it WhatsApp is using. This can be done by following the next steps: Settings – Data and Storage Usage – Network Usage. This will reveal all the data that WhatsApp uses for calls, messages, media sharing and so on.

  • Personal Account Info

Do you know that WhatsApp has a personal file for every user? As crazy as this might seem, this is true and the file can actually be requested by users to check it out. Everyone who wants to see just how much personal data WhatsApp has managed to gather about them can do it by following the next steps: Settings – Account – Request Account Info.

  • Improve Account Security

The internet is filled with malware and hackers on every “corner”. Not only that, but big data companies are having data leaks and this is why we advise everyone to improve the security of their WhatsApp accounts with two-step verification. Doing this only takes a couple of seconds and it adds a virtually unbreakable security wall to a WhatsApp account. Improving account security on WhatsApp can be done by following the next steps: Settings – Account – Two-step Verification.

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