Samsung Gear S3 Gets OS Update from Verizon With New Improvements

Two Samsung wearables will receive OS updates from Verizon, the S3 Frontier, and the Samsung Gear S3 Classic. A host of improved features will be brought by these updates that the users of these watches will benefit from. This is the 5th update from the US carrier.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

R775VVRU1CRL8 is the version number for this update. This update brings a variety of new changes that the users will enjoy. When you want to unlock your device, you will no longer need to use your fingers to put in the passcode as you can just rotate the bezel to the numbers in the passcode. As the device is sometimes not big enough to fit your finger, you might misstap. Using the rotation of the bezel, you can put your passcode even faster and with no mistakes.

Even better improvements

The messaging function has also received an upgrade. Now you can use emojis to reply to the messages you receive, reply to an individual and read the previous message at the same time, and many more. The updated Tizen OS will give people who multitask the possibility to do it on their Samsung Gear 3 Classic too. You can speak check something on the dial while making a call. In order to do this, you need to hit the home button and then the call icon to return to the call. The health tracker also has some changes as now you can choose the workouts. In addition to that, you can now decide whether you want to be disturbed or not using the Goodnight mode ad the Theater mode.

In the end, one amazing feature provided by this update is that now you will no longer struggle using your finger on your device to make commands as Bixby can do it for you.

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