iMac News – 608 Days Have Passed Since the Last Model Arrived

If you feel like Apple has forgotten about the iMac, then you are right! This might come as a surprise to most Apple fans, but its been 608 days since the tech giant refreshed its iMac lineup. Considering that there is a high demand for a new iMac on the market, the fact that its been 608 days since the iMac lineup was refreshed is quite shocking. Apple is not one to pass up on an opportunity to make profits and this is why believe that Apple is secretly working on a new iMac that will arrive later this year.

iMac 2019

What’s interesting is that the previous record for not refreshing the iMac lineup was 601 days. Therefore, Apple is a couple of days late to continuing the tradition of releasing a new iMac every 600 days. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out all the latest rumors and speculations related to iMac 2019 so that all Apple fans can get an idea of what to expect.

Ming-Chi Kuo Reports

Before we get into the expected specs and features of iMac 2019, we have to note that Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple was initially planning to launch a bunch of refreshed iMac models in 2018. However, Apple decided to only update the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. The tech analyst is now saying that iMac 2019 is going to arrive later this year with “significant display improvements”.

Expected Features and Design

When it comes to iMac 2019 expectations, the one thing that all tech analysts are talking about is that iMac 2019 will feature a new design that ships with features such as a slimmer body for example. Leaving the design aside, rumor has it that Apple is planning to equip iMac 2019 with the T2 chip which will improve the device’s security and introduce support for “Hey, Siri” vocal commands.

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