Android Q Might Come with Support for Facial Recognition

According to a recent report from XDA Developers, the next Android operating system from Google, Android Q, might feature hardware-based facial recognition like Apple’s Face ID feature.

What to expect from the upcoming security feature

This new feature that we may see in Android Q will work in a similar way to how its predecessors, Trusted Face and Face Unlock, did. They will help users with various tasks, like authorising transactions and accessing different apps. The upcoming facial recognition hardware technology is expected to be much more advanced than the current Trusted Face system.

Based on the report, the new system will be quite similar to the Face ID feature that Apple has. Compared to Apple’s Face ID system, which is more complex, the existing facial recognition system on Android is based on the phone’s front camera.

Other new features we will see in Android Q

There are some other new features that we expect to see in Android Q. The first feature is an exciting one, something that users will be very happy to have. It is the system-wide Dark mode, which will be a part of every pre-existing Android app. This new addition will definitely help users save a lot of power on their devices, while also creating some new, pleasant aesthetics.

Something else that we will see in the new Android OS is a desktop-like experience, where users would be able to connect their smartphones to a monitor, which can be used instead of a PC. This will be done by using a hub to make the connection.

There’s another thing that could be changed in Android Q. At the moment, the current versions of Android allow us to open just one app at a time. The new OS might change that, by allowing users to perform an action on one half of the screen, while performing a different task on the other half.

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