New Additions to PUBG Mobile: Zombies and What Else?

One of the most popular games right now is PUBG Mobile, apparently, apart from the extensive fanbase, it has on Xbox One and PS4. In the beginning, the game was exclusive for the Xbox One, but due to the big number of people who asked for it, the game is now available for PlayStation 4 as well. When Tencent game, its developers, decided that a zombie mode should be launched, they associated themselves with Resident Evil 2 team.

The Zombie mode, as the name suggests, will bring zombies for you to kill and it is expected to be rolled out as part of the 0.11.0 update for mobiles. This should not be much different than the similar mode in Call of Duty Black Ops series if you played it. You can create squads, team up with your friends and kill all the zombies that come at you. However, it is not easy to survive.

As it is called the PUBG Mobile Squad feature, the zombies are not your only enemies, but the other squads as well. It will be a challenge to keep your team safe from zombies and from other teams at the same time.

Zombies Mode and PUBG Reports

Mr. Ghost Gaming confirmed this information, and we can trust him because he is a popular Youtuber who also confirmed that starting with 10th of February Zombies Mode will be available on PUBG Mobile as part of the 0.11.0 update.

Apart from this update, you will not let be known each time you kill a Twitch streamer, another update rolled out for PUBG app. After all, these streamers are followed by hundreds of people so you will get this as an achievement to your PUBG report.

Are you satisfied with how PUBG is evolving?

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