Samsung Galaxy Watch Is Now Getting a Significant Update

A new update has started rolling out to both LTE and non-LTE variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch and it brings some important improvements.

Galaxy Watch update comes with new important fixes

The Galaxy Watch has started to receive updates, which come with quite significant bug fixes. Ever since the smartwatch was released, many users complained that the battery life of the watch is shorter than what it was promised. There have been also some problems with the heart rate monitors.

Now, users will finally be able to forget about these issues, as both of them are targeted by the latest update. Samsung Galaxy Watch owners can now expect to not have any more battery life problems with their device. The heart rate issue has also been fixed, as one of the new improvements includes “improved reliability” of the heart rate sensor.

Other improvements that we should expect

As far as the LTE models of the smartwatch are concerned, the new update also fixes an issue where the VoLTE icon disappears, as well as a bug where phone numbers’ information doesn’t appear on the screen whenever a number is redialed. Samsung is also promising that eSIM activation will be more stable from now on, so that’s good news.

It will probably take a little bit of time for the update to roll out to wearables all over the world, but if you want to manually check if the update is already available for your watch, you need to do the following: access the smartphone app, go to “Settings”, then open “About Watch” and tap “Download Updates Manually” and you should be all set.

The most recent update brings the operating system of the Samsung Galaxy Watch up to Tizen This follows the latest update to Gear S3 and Gear Sport, which brought their Tizen OS to version

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