Minecraft Update 1.85 For PlayStation 4: New Fixes Rolled Out

If you play Minecraft on your PS4, you might have noticed that it has been updated to version 1.85. But what did 4J Studios introduce with the latest update? Does it come with more content? Here are the latest news on Minecraft and the patch notes for the new update.

According to Gearnuke’s report, Minecraft’s previous patch was released in December when 4J Studios also said that they are dropping support for legacy platforms. The only platform that still gets support is PS4, and the rest of the platforms will only get incremental updates.

Unfortunately, the latest Minecraft update version does not come with anything else than bug fixes, and they are a lot! The good news is that you should not experience any more game crashes when you try loading other worlds or losing your trident every time you died.

Minecraft Version 1.85 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes of the Minecraft version 1.85 as reported by Gearnuke:

Fix for a Crash when loading older worlds.

Fix for Large Chests appearing as two Chests during Multiplayer regular gameplay.

Fix for MCCE #8573 – Double Chests can still be opened if partially “blocked”.

Fix for Bamboo not replacing Tall Grass and Double Tall Grass.

Fix for Missing Recipe: Lapis Block to 9 Lapis Lazuli.

Fix for Missing Recipe: Rose Bush to Rose Red Dye.

Fix for Missing Recipe: Peony to Pink Dye.

Fix for Potion of Slow falling not affecting players while Elytra Gliding.

Fix for MCCE #7060 – Water can’t be placed in the End.

Fix for players being unable to pick up their thrown trident if they die before picking it back up.

Fix for a Riptide Trident not resetting the players fall counter.

In the previous update – version 1.84 from 21 December, we also got a fix for a critical crash which occurred when loading a world or exploring one.

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