Google Play Store Guide – How to Access the “Indie Corner”

The Google Play Store is a key component of the Android operating system and it gets updated on a regular basis. In fact, we reported earlier today about the latest APK update for the Google Play Store which comes with a bunch of bug fixes and software tweaks that enhance the service’s stability. Although, most updates usually introduce new features and this makes it nearly impossible for Android fans to know about them all when considering the rate at which Google is releasing new APK updates.

Nonetheless, today we want to show you an important trick for when searching for apps and games on the Google Play Store to help you find better results. The trick that we are talking about is to get the Google Play Store to focus on Indie apps which are almost always a safer bet than going with a highly popular app that everyone is using.

Not just that, but Indie developers need all the publicity that they can get and discovering the “Indie Corner” on the Google Play Store is the first step towards helping the Android developer industry while getting access to a bunch of cool apps and games that most people don’t know about.

How to Find the “Indie Corner” on the Google Play Store

  • Open a browser page on your Android powered smartphone;
  • Search for the “Indie Corner” with the browser;
  • Access the first result that will appear which is called “Discover Indie Corner” from Google Play;
  • All that is left now is to download or buy the apps and games that interest you the most.

Before we sign off, we also want to give you a second tip for when it comes to Indie apps and games. We advise all Android users to keep heading over to the “Indie Corner” every seven days because the list of apps and games gets refreshed weekly.

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