Pokémon Go February Community Day Has Been Announced

A new Pokémon Go Community Day is on its way. Developer Niantic has just announced that the next such event takes place on Saturday, the 16th of February. Let’s take a look at what details we have about the upcoming event.

Niantic has shared the first details about Community Day

So it seems that the February event will feature another Gen 2 Pokémon: the Ice and Ground-type Swinub. During the event, this Pokémon will spwan much more often in the wild than usual. Also, based on previous Community Days, we expect for players to be given the chance to encounter a Shiny Swinub as well. Let’s not forget that probably every Swinub that will evolve into its final form, Mamoswine, up to one hour after the end of the Community Day, will learn a special move. Niantic hasn’t given any details yet about what that move could be, but more info on this should follow soon.

What to expect from the event

As a quick reminder, Mamoswine was one of the several evolved forms that were first introduced in the fourth generation titles of the Pokémon series. So in order to have this Pokémon in the Go title, players need to have a Sinnoh Stone. These evolutionary items can be obtained through Trainer Battles. Niantic mentioned that during the February Community Day, players will have the opportunity to earn as much as five Sinnoh Stones when they battle each other.

Throughout the weekend when the Community Day takes place, you will also receive five rewards from Trainer Battles every day. Moreover, during this event you will get triple the usual amount of Stardust whenever you capture Pokémon. Lastly, any Lure Modules you use during the Community Day will stay active for three hours, which is much more that the normal 30-minute interval.

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