Android Oreo Update Has Started Rolling Out to Sony TVs

Everyone who has an Android-powered Sony TV will soon start receiving the Android Oreo update. As confirmed by Sony itself on its support website, the update has started being rolled out to compatible devices.

What to expect from the upgrade?

The most recent update is based on Android 8.0 and its new focus will be on “Channels”. So users can now expect a focus on the content available through the apps similarly to how it would have been if they were TV channels. This basically means that users will be able to scroll down and take a look at what is new on the apps as if they were channels.

There’s a couple of fixes that are arriving with this recent update, such as the issues with picture quality when viewing Dolby content on Netflix being fixed, as well as a DTV 1080i flashing issue. Users will now have support for Dolby Vision content on a higher number of TV models and also support for the Alexa app.

Some other things that we can expect to see in the Android Oreo update are some overall performance improvements and fixes, as well as a bigger emphasis on Google Assistant support. There’s also the “Play Next” section, which is supposed to recommend users the most recent episode of a show that they are already watching.

Who will get the update?

At the moment, it seems that the Android Oreo update is going to be available only in the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Chile. We don’t have a date for when the update will land in Europe or other regions yet.

It’s worth noting that this is quite an important upgrade, compared to the routine ones, which are smaller and usually come through every month or every quarter of a year.

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