Windows Update Got Stuck? Easy Ways to Solve This Problem

Windows updates always come with new features and solved bugs. Most users like the changes, but they hate the main problem that might occur during the process: some PCs might freeze while the update is installing. The situation is more common to Windows 10 systems, but any improvement could come with this major disadvantage.

Apart from the fact that the situation is very stressful, serious problems might appear if an OS gets stuck while receiving an automatic update. This can happen anytime, anywhere and the users who experience this situation start wondering which the safest and fastest way to ”de-freeze” their systems is.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that there are a lot of reasons that might cause updates to freeze a Windows system: a service pack or security patch previously installed, multiple improvements arriving at the same time, low battery and more. Under these conditions, it will take a lot of time for the system to fix on itself.

Fast and easy ways to un-stuck the Windows updates on your PC

You will know if your system got stuck while receiving the automatic update if it takes forever to load and you see messages like: ”Preparing to configure Windows”, ”Working on updates” and so on.

If you happen to experience a system freeze while an automatic update is being installed, don’t panic. There are some easy and secure ways to solve this problem.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete – this takes you back to the Log in screen. Here you can see if the update is stuck and de-freeze the process;
  2. Restart your system;
  3. If the aforementioned methods don’t work start the device by using Safe Mode;
  4. Restore your device with the help of System Restore;
  5. Check to see if your PC or laptop is compatible with the update version. In this case, you’ll need to check your RAM, device specifications and so on;
  6. If none of the mentioned methods works, try reinstalling your Windows. However, keep in mind that this action would erase the software and programs installed on the computer.

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