Top Three Minecraft Tips & Tricks – Learn How to Play Like a Pro

It’s been almost a decade since Minecraft was first released. Can you believe that? We have been playing this game for nearly ten years and the crazy thing about this is that Minecraft is so complex that veteran players are still learning new tricks to this day. With that said, we have gathered the top three most useful tips and tricks from the Minecraft community and we are going to present them today!

Minecraft: Top Three Tips & Tricks

  • How to Find Directions

Even though Minecraft is set in a fantasy world, there are still lots of features that make it similar to the real world. The perfect example of this is how players can figure out where the West is just by paying attention to the direction in which the sun, moon, stars or clouds are moving towards. This is a great trick to know, especially for when you don’t have a compass around.

  • Enable Peaceful Mode

If you ever feel threatened by the game’s monsters (zombies or creepers) or if you can’t find any food to eat and your character is about to die, then you should be happy to know that there is a simple and effective way to save yourself. The way to do this is to enable the Peaceful mode will automatically regenerate hunger and healthy points. Not only that, but the monsters will be respawned.

  • How to Chop Down Trees

The most iconic thing in Minecraft is chopping down trees with your fists at the begging of the game. However, there is a trick to doing this faster and to getting all the wood blocks that you can. The trick is to start chopping on the second block of the tree and to keep going up as you chop. Leaving the bottom block intact makes it possible for players to jump to get all the rest blocks.

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