Pokémon Go: Fans Had a Mixed Response to the Newest Event

Pokémon Go’s most recent in-game event took place this weekend and it seems that it has received quite a mixed response from the fans.

What was the event about?

The new event, Feebas Day, is the first of its type and it allowed players to complete as many research tasks as possible during the game, for a limited time of three hours. They were also given the chance to get a new shiny Feebas as a reward. The idea of the event wasn’t bad at all, as it involved players using a different set of tactics than usual. Fans had to combine catching, hatching and walking goals in order to be rewarded in the game.

The downside of Feebas Day

However, even though the event might have been a good idea, the tasks were unfortunately too time-consuming. Because of this, players did not have time to complete all tasks during the three-hour window, but rather just a few of them. This in turn meant that players didn’t manage to get as many rewards as they would have liked, which also lead to lower chances of receiving shiny Pokémon.

Developer Niantic obviously did not say to its players that they will get a Shiny Pokémon as a reward no matter what, but fans still had a lot of expectations, as with other events from the past.

Once again, the concept of the event is definitely pretty good, it just didn’t seem to deliver everything the way it was supposed to. Nevertheless, this was only the first time when such event took place, so Niantic can definitely learn from what happened this time and try to perfect the concept for future events. We cannot wait to see how the next event from Pokémon Go will unfold.

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