Will Moto G5 Get Android 9.0 Pie?

Motorola has launched a bunch of great smartphones along the years and Moto G5 is the one that stands out the most. Moto G5 was released back in 2017 and it is a mid-range smartphone. Despite not offering the same hardware specs as an iPhone X might do, Moto G5 still managed to become a bestselling product because of its reliable performances and affordable price tag.

Even though Motorola did an amazing job designing Moto G5, Motorola didn’t do that well in the update department. Moto G5 shipped with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box and it is now running on Android 8.1 Oreo. However, there is no news of Moto G5 getting Google’s upcoming Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

Will Moto G5 Get Android 9.0 Pie?

Considering that Moto G5 is still selling well, Motorola might be inclined to optimize Android 9.0 Pie so that it can be rolled out to Moto G5. However, Motorola has yet to announce that this major operating system update is coming to Moto G5. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that there is a high chance that Moto G5 will stay with Android 8.1 Oreo for the years to come. Not only that, but Moto G5 will be two years old in March and all Motorola smartphones get a two year guarantee of software updates.

The Alternatives

What’s great about the Android operating system is that even though Motorola might decide that Moto G5 shouldn’t receive Android 9.0 Pie, Moto G5 can always try an alternative route and go with a custom ROM. The folks AOSP have already created a new Android 9.0 Pie based ROM called Version 6.2 which ships with the same stock user interface. However, custom ROMs are not official builds and they can have their fair share of bugs.

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