Rockstar to Release GTA 6 on Xbox Two and PlayStation 5

Rockstar has remained one of the most respected developers in the industry since the studio rose to fame due to the success of the GTA series.

The studio has spent eight years developing Red Dead Redemption 2, released to critical acclaim from both reviewers and players. The title has managed to raise the standard for an open-world game once again and the industry will have to work harder in order to reach the level of fidelity and dedication offered by the game.

Loyal fans of the GTA franchises are hoping that the studio will begin to develop the next entry in the series and it seems that their wish may become real.

According to a post on the official website Rockstar is currently looking for a Senior Environment Artist. The offer notes that the person will work on future next-generation projects. He or she must also be able to create detailed and realistic environments that aim to impress the players.

The announcement has been interpreted by some as a clear hint that Rockstar is already looking forward to the next generations of consoles.  The job offer has been posted by Rockstar India but the New York branch is also searching for a Motion Capture Tools Developer.

According to most rumors the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation 5 might be revealed at some point in 2019. It is likely that they will be launched in the summer or during the holiday season but that remains to be seen.

GTA V has recently crowned the most profitable game of all time, earning approximately 6 billion dollars since the title was first released back in 2013. Most of the money comes from GTA Online since shark cash cards are still being sold.

Some analysts believe that a future game will released in 2020. That title could also be Bully 2, a sequel to the best-selling Bully title.  With Rockstar’s famous developing cycle it is likely that we won’t hear about the next GTA title for a while.

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