Download Adobe Flash Player on your Mac

Why Is Apple Against Flash?

Apple’s reason why it is against Slash has never been security. Steve Jobs explicitly mentioned that Apple is not against Flash because he worried that the App Store would not be protected. He said that because it is both owned and developed by Adobe, Flash is a closed system. Contrary to that, CSS, HTML5, and Javascript are not closed systems, and this is why they got adopted by Apple. Even though Adobe Flash Player was widely available, the former CEO of Apple was against it because it was 100% property of a private company.

In the same article, he did not fail to explain that web developers can create animations, advanced graphics, and typography with HTML5’s help without the need of using a 3rd party software such as Flash. Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, HBO, FOX, and other major video service suppliers do not depend on Flash, and this is another argument that Steve Jobs used. In his article, he also wrote that about 40% of the video content that can be found online is viewable on Apple products without using Flash.

Is Flash Safe for Mac?

The short answer would be yes, without any significant issues Flash can run on a Mac. However, since Apple does not officially support is because of the reason stated before, some tweaking will be required at first. If you still want to give it a try, here is a guide:

Check which version would be best for the iOS version you have.

If you have a previous version of Flash Player uninstall it.

Before installing close all apps.

Reboot your device after the installation is done.

When that is done click on Check Now by heading to  Safari>System Preferences>Flash Player>Advanced.

Relaunch Safari after closing it.

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