OnePlus 7 Might Come with a Unique Feature You Won’t See Somewhere Else: 10x optical zoom technology

Oppo is a leading manufacturer of smartphones in China, as well as a well-known vendor in other Asian markets. Most of the company’s creations, though, are not really available in many western countries. The link between Oppo and OnePlus is Pete Lau, OnePlus’s current CEO, who worked for the company for over a decade and was even an Oppo executive before he resigned in 2013. After he founded OnePlus, we’ve seen various Oppo design choices making it over to the OnePlus phones several times. At the moment, both vendors actually share the same supply chain access and investors.

10x optical zoom technology is on its way

A few years ago, Oppo unveiled some new camera technology that would have made it possible for dual-lens cameras to be shipped in phones that are able to achieve 5x optical zoom. Back in 2017, during the MWC event, Oppo had in fact a handset like this on display. Now let’s also remember that the reference design from that MWC 2017 featured support for hybrid 10x zoom as well. Even though the Chinese company never actually launched a phone with 5x optical zoom capabilities, we have news that it is about to reveal a phone that has 10x zoom technology.

Could OnePlus 7 get a camera with 10x zoom tech?

Based on a recent post from MyDrivers, Oppo is hosting an event today in order to present the new technology. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, given the fact that well-known industry insider Ice Universe mentioned a few weeks ago in a tweet that we can expect this 10x hybrid optical zoom technology to be unveiled by Oppo during CES or MWC. We can only hope that this new exciting camera zoom tech will be soon available in flagship Oppo phones. If we are lucky, maybe we can witness this technology by the end of the year. If this happens, we believe that there’s quite a big chance for OnePlus 7 to also feature a similar camera.

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