Apple’s Upcoming iPhones Might Charge Using USB-C

Last year, Apple made an announcement that it will switch from its Lightning adapter technology to USB-C for the most recent iPad Pro range, and it looks like we might expect the same thing for the upcoming iPhones.

Apple’s next-gen iPhones might use the USB-C tech

According to a new report, the tech giant might be working on a switch to the USB-C technology. The news comes from MacOtakara, a trusted Apple blog, which states that the company did not reach the reference design phase with a USB-C port, therefore there is a chance that we will not see this technology on the iPhones that will be launched this year. This means that we may not have the USB-C tech on the upcoming iPhone 11, but instead on the next generation of iPhones.

Even though MacOtakara is known to be quite a reliable source of Apple leaks, it hasn’t always been successful in predicting the plans of the company, so we cannot know for sure whether the news is true or not. For now, until we have any confirmation, this remains just rumors.

Apple may also work on a next-gen iPod Touch

Another interesting news that was also shared by the above-mentioned website is that Apple might be working on a next generation iPod Touch. The last such device was launched by Apple quite a long time ago, back in 2015. Based on what the post from MacOtakara says, we can expect to see a new iPod Touch on sale before the year ends. When it comes to the specifications of the device, we don’t have any details yet. The only thing that is known so far is that the rumored iPod Touch will be a refreshed version of the last model. We might see a huge upgrade done to the device, so hopefully more news on this will follow soon.

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