A New Concept Video of iPhone 11 Gives Us An Idea About How the Device Will Look Like

Based on all the rumors that we’ve seen so far, the next-gen iPhone lineup will consist of three different devices. What this means is that we will probably see much better versions of iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

What is expected from Apple 2019’s iPhone lineup?

At the moment, we know that iPhone XR’s successor will come with a dual-lens camera and iPhone’s XS Max successor will probably have a triple-lens camera. It is obvious that a triple-lens camera would improve the quality of the pictures taken tremendously and it could definitely contribute to the tech giant’s push into the world of augmented reality.

A 3D concept video of iPhone 11 was recently posted online

Just a few days ago, some 2D renders of Apple’s iPhone XS Max successor were posted online. They were based on schematics from the supply chain. Based on the leaked renders, a 3D concept video of iPhone 11 was created and posted on the internet by YouTuber Waqar Khan. The video can give us an idea about how iPhone 11 might look like.

Even though the original renders showed only a black iPhone 11, the new video illustrates how Apple’s upcoming flagship would look like in gold and in silver. We will also be able to see how the back of the device might look like, as there will be quite a big “bump” on its back, housing three cameras, a flash and a microphone.

You can take a look at the concept video here:

We’re certainly looking forward to the tech giant’s 2019 iPhone lineup, as we want to see how different the new phones will be from their 2018 predecessors. Last year’s models, iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are great phones, however, we would like to see something more exciting in the upcoming iPhone 11 line. Hopefully, some interesting features will come along with the expected three iPhones.

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