Google Play Store for Android TV – A New APK Update Has Been Released

Everyone who has ever used an Android powered TV knows just how important the Google Play Store is. This service is a staple feature of the Android operating system and it’s the place where Android fans can download apps, games and other services from. Not just that, but the Google Play Store is also used as a platform to update third-party apps and this makes it a vital feature of the Android operating system on both smartphones and smart TVs. Talking about updates, Google has recently released a new update for the smart TV edition of Google Play Store and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

Google Play Store for Smart TV

Just like the smartphone version of Google Play Store, Google Play Store for smart TV makes it possible for users to download their favorite apps and games. In fact, Netflix which is everyone’s favorite streaming service is available to download directly from the Google Play Store if the smart TV doesn’t feature it as a pre-install app. This shows us just how important it is for Android users that the Google Play Store is always running without any issues. This is where the new update comes in.

New Update

The Android parent is always releasing new updates for its apps and the Google Play Store for smart TV is the latest one to get a major update. The new update for Google Play Store contains a handful of software tweaks that improve the service’s performances and make it run better than usual. While “under the hood” software tweaks might not be as exciting as getting a new feature or visual changes, they are more important because they optimize the Google Play Store’s software. Nonetheless, this is a top priority download for people who own Android powered smart TVs.

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