Dragon Age 4 May Offer Multiplayer Options

The Dragon Age franchise is known for its strong single-player content but the third entrance in the series offered a 4 player co-op mode where players were able to fight together against a common threat. Many perceived the multiplayer mode as an unnecessary addition and some saw nothing more than a potential bait for microtransactions since players can buy platinum packs that allow them to progress faster.

According to a recently posted job offer Dragon Age 4 could also include a multiplayer component as EA and Bioware are looking after a technical director that has worked on multiplayer games. Bioware has previously mentioned that some of the features of Anthem, a game that will be soon released, might make an appearance in other games that will be released by the studio in the future.

Anthem is a multiplayer third person shooter that will pit teams of three players against a series of increasing challenges. While the game looks great many gamers lost their fate in EA after the lootbox scandal that affected Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Some fans of the series are already suspecting that Bioawre may have forgotten what made Dragon Age popular in the first place but the studio has assured them that the next game in the series will be a memorable experience.

The game was announced in December 2018 at The Game Awards. A short teaser was shown, hinting that the game will be a direct sequel to Dragon Age Inquisition.  The trailer features a major character that appeared in Trespasser, the ending DLC of Inquisition.  It is likely that the game will provide the answer to many questions that were left unresolved. A number of forum threads are already discussing the potential setting for the title and other features that could be included.

The job offer is still available and can be found easily. The title is in the early stages of development but some believe that it will be launched in 2021.

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