iPhone SE 2 Release Date and New Leaks In 2019

As the iPhone SE is a little more kinder to our pockets than any other iPhone, it has won over many Apple fans’ hearts due to the fact that its price range is below $500. Taking this into consideration, the same people who purchased an iPhone SE a few years ago, are asking for a second version.

So, Should Apple Launch An iPhone SE 2?

According to Lesoir, a French site, Apple’s ability to sell its expensive smartphones is not as good as it used to be and the best solution to get back on track would be to release an iPhone SE2. Before being sure about this, we should take a closer look at the price tags of the 2018 iPhone lineup and the 2016 iPhone SE:

iPhone SE – 128GB (around $450), 32GB (around $300)

iPhone XR – $749 for the 64GB version

iPhone XS – $999 for the 64GB version

iPhone XS Max – $1,099 for the 64GB version

The same French site mentioned that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, can’t hide the fact that the company sold fewer iPhones that they were expecting especially in China. Moreover, he admits that neither the next result will be even close to the company’s expectations.

2018’s budget-friendly iPhone model was supposed to be the iPhone XR, at least this is the name by which the company tried to sell it. However, even though the quality-price report is a strong one, many people still can’t afford to buy it as its price is still too expensive compared to 2016’s iPhone SE.

Whether Apple should modify the prices or the products or if they need to release a second version for the iPhone SE it is still debatable. As long as we will get a new flagship smartphone from them each year, there will be someone to buy it.

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