The First Official iPhone XI Picture Has Been Leaked!

Apple launched three iPhones in 2018 and they all have been successful. However, Apple needs to come up with some new design ideas for the next-generation of iPhones because truth be told, while the three 2018 iPhones might be amazing pieces of technology, they look just the same as the 2017 iPhone X. Fortunately, the official press render for iPhone XI has just been leaked and it confirms an innovative feature that has never been seen on an iPhone.

iPhone XI Leak

Right from the start, the feature that stands out the most while looking at this latest iPhone XI leak is the triple-lens camera setup. Even though other tech companies have used this feature until now, it has never been seen on an iPhone before. What’s great about the triple-lens camera setup of iPhone XI is the fact that it gives the device an important feature that will make it better than the current iPhone XS Max flagship.

Powerful Camera Setup

iPhones are known for taking some of the best mobile pictures and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that iPhone XI will ship with a triple-lens camera setup. The interesting thing about this setup is that the three cameras are positioned inside a square which gives them a “different” look from what we are used with. Not just that, but the LED flash is also squeezed inside.

Not a Final Design

Even though the triple-lens camera setup might look amazing, iPhone XI is still in the development phase. This means that the triple-lens camera setup might not make the final cut and that the press render that has just been leaked is a prototype. On the other hand, Apple might see that the leaked press render is getting iOS fans excited and it could decide to keep the triple-lens camera setup after all.

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