Latest News About GTA 6 – Will We Be Able to Play It on PS5?

Based on all the rumors that have been circulating on the internet so far, GTA 6 is expected to be launched sometime between 2020 and 2022. This means that we will probably not see the game released this year.

Rockstar might work on making GTA 6 compatible with PS5

Rockstar is known for taking its time to create amazing games and the most recent proof of this is Red Dead Redemption 2. This is why we expect the company to do the same with GTA 6, so fans will need to wait a little bit more for this title.

We’ve also had confirmation from Sony that the PlayStation 5 is in the process of being developed, so we expect Rockstar to work on making the next title from the GTA series compatible with the upcoming PlayStation.

What we would like to see in GTA 6 are NPCs similar to those in RDR2

We can also predict that some of the elements that worked for Red Dead Redemption 2 will be used for GTA 6 too. One such thing that was quite noticeable in RDR2 was the NPC that was operating within the world of the game. Compared to the variants of other titles where the non-player characters were usually just moving around repeatedly, the NPCs in RDR2 were designed differently. Due to the fact that these characters remember the behavior of a player, they react to them, which means that gamers can easily interact with the NPCs. This is definitely something that we would like to see in the next GTA title.

Developing such characters clearly takes time, so in case Rockstar decides to incorporate the same NPC variant in GTA 6, then it would be no surprise that the game takes longer to be created. Nevertheless, fans are willing to wait a little bit longer for something that will be well-made, rather than having a game that they are not completely satisfied with, but sooner. Still, we hope that there is still a chance that we will see the game being released earlier than what has been anticipated.

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