Apple Is Greeting CES with A Privacy Ad in Las Vegas

Even though Apple was never formally present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, it has always managed to find a way to be noticed during this gathering. Lately, however, it was Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa that made their presence felt during this annual event. This year, it looks like Apple is striking back with a huge ad that hints to the privacy of Alexa and Android.

Apple puts a giant ad on a hotel next to the LVCC

Taking into consideration the fact that the tech giant always pretends that the event doesn’t really happen, it’s funny to see how it placed a huge ad on the side of a building in Las Vegas. This isn’t just any building, but a hotel located next to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), which is the location of the already mentioned yearly trade show, CES.

As we can easily see in the picture above, the ad reads “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”, which is most probably a wordplay on the well-known “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” line. Also, right below the message, we can see a link to We can say for sure that there won’t be a single person attending CES next week that will miss this giant ad.

Is Apple really better than the others?

When it comes to Apple bragging about its privacy, it clearly has an advantage over Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. We all remember the terrible failures that Alexa had, such as the private conversation that was recorded and sent to a different user. As far as Google is concerned, they’ve also had quite a few privacy problems and the company is known for heavily using user data for ads.

Overall, it may look like Apple has somehow every right to consider itself better than the others when it comes to privacy, however, it’s not perfect. Apple also had an incident with iCloud accounts being hacked some time ago and we know that in China, iPhone users are not as protected as in the US. So if the tech giant wants to live up to the message he just showcased on a building, it has to first make sure that its privacy protections can never again be breached and that they apply to every part of the world the same way.

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