WhatsApp Tips & Tricks – How to Get Better at Texting

WhatsApp recently reported that it has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users! This makes WhatsApp the most popular chatting app in the world, but this doesn’t really come as a big surprise to anyone since WhatsApp offers a premium user experience that is coupled with a plethora of cool features that make it easier for people to communicate with each other. Nonetheless, today we want to help everyone improve the way they use WhatsApp and we are going to provide top three tips and tricks to help people use the app to its full potential.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

·         Back Up Your Chats!

One of the best things about WhatsApp is the fact that it allows users to back up all their conversations and media. All the data is transferred on the cloud and then it can be restored whenever the user wants. This is a great feature that people can use whenever they are looking to change their smartphones.

·         Optimize Storage Space Consumption

Since WhatsApp is equipped with tons of features, the app takes up lots of storage space and this can prove to be quite problematic for people who don’t own a microSD card. Luckily, all WhatsApp users can clean up the extra storage space that the app is using in order to store chats and so on by heading Settings – Data and Storage Usage – Storage Usage. Although, WhatsApp users should make sure to back up all their important conversations before deleting them.

·         Format Messages


All WhatsApp users who want to make their messages look fancy should consider using different formats. WhatsApp messages can be written in Bold by adding an asterix ( * ) at the begging and end of the sentence. Messages can also be written in Italics by adding an underscore ( _ ) at the begging and end of the sentence.

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