What We Might See On the Next Apple Watch Series 5

Although the Apple Watch Series 4 has brought many new features and is surely one of the most interesting devices of the past year, numerous users already cannot wait for its successor, which could make its first appearance in September 2019. At the present moment, we do not know anything about the possible innovations that might debut on the next gen Apple Watch, but there are certain improvements that its fans would like to see. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • A new design

Even though we all got used to the squared-off circle design of Apple Watch, a new roundy look could attract more users.

  • Compatibility with Android devices

Another way to attract new buyers could be through compatibility with Android devices, especially since Android smartwatches do not compare to the Apple Watch.

  • Improved battery life

Compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, which can last up to four days on a single charge, a day and a half of the Apple Watch Series 4 is rather a poor result, therefore a longer battery life would definitely make many users very happy.

  • Sleep tracking feature

There are many third-party sleep tracking apps available in the watchOS App Store, but Apple’s own, fully-integrated feature of this type could greatly improve the user experience, especially combined with extended battery life.

  • Smart bands

Apple could also improve the functionality of its device by adding some new features to the smart band, such as a blood pressure sensor or a UV ray detector.

  • Additional health sensors

Health sensors have become an integral part of most smartwatches, so it is possible that Apple might want to introduce some new health-monitoring features, such as a blood glucose reader or a sleep apnea detector.

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