Kingdom Hearts 3: When Do We Get the Game for PC?

The Kingdom Hearts series is an amazing one, and people have waited about 12 years for  Kingdom Hearts 3. this game comes with many surprises, including some new main characters, such as Goofy, Sora and Donald Duck, since they’re returning to fight the forces of darkness, while traveling across the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds.

When do we get the game for PC?

But the real question here is: are we going to get the game for PC, too? Or it will stay on Microsoft and PlayStation consoles?

The developers behind the game have shown us the outlines plan for the game to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, but luckily, we know that the publisher wants to bring more and more games to PC.

Let’s take a clear example: Final Fantasy XV. It was first released on consoles in 2016, and we got it for PC in 2018.

So will we get it?

Probably. However, Square Enix might want to keep the game exclusively on consoles for about two years, until some deals might appear, with Sony or Microsoft. But after the exclusive period is done, we might see the game coming for PC, too. Of course, it’s all speculation, we don’t have any kind of official information or statement right now, we’re just talking from past experiences – from the history of Square Enix and it bringing games to PC eventually.

What are the rumors out there?

Square Enix’s technical director said that the team wants to get the game on as many platforms as it can. This happened in 2013. They want all kinds of players to be able to play the game and have this amazing experience.

And considering the fact that the game was built in Unreal Engine 4, which is a very PC-friendly engine, we think that it will be easier for the company to do this for us.

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