OnePlus 7 – The Next-Generation “Flagship Killer”

Ever since it was outed that OnePlus is planning to introduce 5G technology in its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Chinese based tech giant has been making headlines nearly every week. The company’s current flagship smartphone is OnePlus 6T and the device is renowned for shipping with impressive hardware specs and a plethora of features that offer a premium user experience. However, the upcoming OnePlus 7 is expected to deliver even more impressive performances that are going to be paired with 5G technology for faster internet speeds.

OnePlus 5T

Even though OnePlus 7 hasn’t been announced yet, we do know that the smartphone is going to arrive somewhere in the middle of Q2. This is when OnePlus usually launches its most anticipated smartphones and OnePlus 7 is surely not going to be an exception. Nonetheless, let’s check out some of the specs and features that OnePlus 7 is going to be equipped with.

Under the Hood

Obviously, the most important hardware part of a smartphone is its processor. Therefore, rumor has it that OnePlus 7 is going to be fueled by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 555 CPU. This is the most powerful mobile CPU of 2019 and it will give OnePlus 7 the hardware power that it needs to be better than OnePlus 6. The powerful CPU is also going to be paired with up to 10GB of RAM and a standard of 128GB of internal storage space that can go up to 256GB with the help of a microSD card.

5G Technology

As we previously mentioned, OnePlus 7 is rumored to feature 5G technology. If this rumor proves to be true, which is highly likely, then OnePlus 7 is going to have an edge over all the other high-end smartphones such as iPhone XS Max and the upcoming Galaxy S10. 5G technology will help OnePlus 7 connect faster to mobile data than ever before.

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