You Will Not Believe How Much Battlefield V sold

Battlefield V brought its developer, EA Dice and its publisher, Electronic Arts quite some numbers in two days after being released to the public. Even though there were some speculations about this game, they did not stop excited people from getting their game. To be more precise, 1,404,974 were sold in a matter of 48 hours. Is not that insane? Even though it is just an estimation, about 1 million and 5 hundred thousand people will play Battlefield V.

You have seen that the sale number is quite high, but to be even more precise and to introduce you better to the statistics, the game sold better on different platforms and worse on others. From example, 59% of the units ( about 834,164 of them) were sold on the PlayStation 4 while the least attention received the Windows PS with 3% of the units ( about 36,925 of them). In the middle, you can find the Xbox One platform with 38% of the units ( about 533,885 of them).

When it comes to the region, there is another story. The game sold best in the US with 620,342 units sold (44%), then it comes Europe with  448,548 units sold (32%) and in the end Japan with 107,648 units sold (8%). After taking a closer look at Europe, we could see that in France 72,567 units were sold, 91,748 units in Germany, and 91,217 units in the UK.

Now, here is a better comparison between the new game and other ones in the franchise:

Battlefield 3 – 4.68M

Battlefield 1 – 2.80M

Battlefield 4 – 2.72M

Battlefield: Hardline – 1.51M

Battlefield V – 1.40M

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 1.39M

Battlefield: Bad Company – 0.44M

On 20th of November, Battlefield V was released worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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