Fortnite Mobile – Top Three Tips & Tricks Used by Pro-Players

A couple of months have passed since Epic Games released Fortnite on mobile and dedicated players have already figured out secret strategies that give them an edge when competing in the fun 100 player Battle Royale. Aiming and building in the mobile version of Fortnite is much more difficult than on a PC, but luckily, there are a couple of tips and tricks that are going to make this easier. With that being said, today we are going to present the top three Fortnite mobile tips and tricks that all players need to learn if they want to outlast their enemies while fighting in the Battle Royale.

#1 Touch Screen Sensitivity

The most difficult thing about playing Fortnite on a mobile device is having to use the touch screen in order to aim instead of the mouse. This makes it quite difficult to get headshots from long distance and therefore, we advise everyone to try and get up close and personal with a double-pump in their hands.  Although, Fortnite players can also tweak out the touch screen sensitivity from the Settings menu so that aiming becomes smoother and more accurate.

#2 Try New Weapons in the Loading Area

The first thing that all Fortnite players who are new to the game need to do is to try all the weapons that they can find in the loading area. Doing this will help the new players get a feel for how the weapon shoots and how it can be aimed.

#3 Pick a Good Drop Point

This is the last tip that we have for Fortnite players on mobile and it’s also the most important. Learn where the best drop spots are! While jumping into areas such as the infamous Titled Areas might be fun and exciting, there are lots of players there and chances to survive to get lower than dropping into a not so populated area instead.

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