Samsung to Confirm Smaller Galaxy S10 in an Accidental Leak

We know some things about Galaxy S10, but many many leaks happened over the Christmas time and we now know even more. The best part? These leaks are from the company itself.

Because of a supply chain slip-up, the company has confirmed – accidentally, of course – the way Galaxy S10 will look like exactly. Galaxy Note 7 fans, it’s time to pay attention.

There’s been a series of tweets, and Samsung’s industry insider Ice Universe has actually confirmed that Galaxy S10+ will have the almost identical size of the Galaxy Note 7 – just after the images have leaked. This is a very impressive comparison, because the 2016 phone had a 5.7-inch display, and Ice Universe says that the Galaxy S10+ will come with a huge 6.44-inch screen.

Galaxy S10+ will get its chin smaller

Ice Universe also showed that Samsung would get its Galaxy S10+  bottom bezel – or chin, as many people would name it – and that it will be smaller than both Huawei Mate 20 Pro and iPhone X. The official case confirms to us that Samsung will change the position of the camera, putting them horizontally, with an upgraded triple camera. We know, the plan included quad camera, but that idea fell down. There will also be charging speeds increased.

Because of the fact that Galaxy S10 will look exactly like the Plus model, if we are to exclude the smaller display, with 6.11 inch, then we know exactly what it does look like – for sure this time. However, what we don’t know for sure is the price.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 pricing might be a bit too much, and we’re not sure if the new design, with the ultrasonic in-display reader will be enough to make the customers wanna pay for this device. They said that they might release it sooner than expected, so there’s really not that much time to wait until we get to see the price.

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