OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T to Get Updates for Oxygen OS in Beta

OnePlus has recently released Open Beta updates for Oxygen OS for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. With these updates, it will also come with some improvements with regards to the performance. Users are able to get the update, but the final one is going to be more stable – it will also come later. OnePlus 6 has the version 10, while OnePlus 6T has the version 2.

There are many improvements on their way

All of these changes are included in the Open Beta version of the Oxygen OS update. There are changes in the gallery app and in the system. When it comes to the system, we talk about brightness control – of the display screen, which has been highly improved. When it comes to unlocking apps, the 4-digit PIN is just enough. Besides all of these, there are many other aspects that have been taken into account, such as bugs that are now fixed, and the overall system of the phone, that’s stabilized.

When it comes to gallery, the Oxygen OS will have more rags – you can create a collection, move the photos or simply copy the images in the gallery.

The call history section also got its improvements. For those of the users from India, there is the caller identification feature, that’s fresh out of the box.

The launcher for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T also got its facelift, with some new inputs.

Where can you get the beta versions? From forums

OnePlus has a certain forum, where users of various devices of the company talk about different topics, share their opinions. The updates are sent by OTA, so if you want to get the Beta version, you cannot get the official OTA update, even if OnePlus releases it. You will have to settle for a full installation with the active apps gone. You should first read the directions carefully on the forum, and then see what’s what.

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