GTA VI Rumors: Narcos: Mexico is Rockstar Games’ Biggest Inspiration

Even though GTA V was one of the most successful games that were ever made, Rockstar Games still decided that focusing on Red Dead Redemption 2 is a better choice instead of working on GTA VI. Red Dead Redemption 2 is now out and the attention to detail that Rockstar Games put in the game is mind-blowing. Nonetheless, Rockstar Games now has all the time that it needs to focus its attention on creating GTA VI and giving fans what they have been asking for.

GTA VI Expected Launch Date

Before we get into details, we need to mention that GTA VI is not going to launch anytime soon. Rockstar Games likes to leave an eight-year gap between its biggest games and therefore, GTA VI is probably going to launch in early 2021. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about the place where GTA VI’s action will take place in.

Multiple Countries

All GTA games are known for taking place in a city from the US with GTA V featuring a real-size copy of Los Angeles. Well, it looks like Rockstar Games is willing to take things to the next-level with GTA VI and to add multiple countries instead of one city.

The game is going to have a hub city where most of the missions will start from, but the game will also feature different countries such as Mexico and players will get all types of interesting quests such as to smuggle illegal substances through the border.

Rockstar Games is Inspired by Netflix’s Narcos


One of Netflix’s most popular series is Narcos and the latest season takes in place Mexic. Rumor has it that Rockstar games loved the idea of giving players a chance to step into the world of drug dealers and that this is exactly what GTA VI is going to feel like.

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