Samsung Galaxy S10 – Leaks About Front Camera Glow Ring and Screen Sizes

During the past couple of weeks there have been numerous leaks about Samsung’s flagships that will be launched next year, including some leaks about screen protectors and cases that could give us an idea about how Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like. However, not much was known about these upcoming devices’ sizes. It looks like some new leaks might give us a few details about the sizes of the Galaxy S10 smartphones and we can expect their screens to be much bigger than before.

New leaks about Samsung Galaxy S10’s sizes from Ice Universe

According to posts made by the well-known leaker Ice Universe, it seems that Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with a diagonal screen size of 6.11 inches, while that of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have 6.44 inches. We can easily see that these changes in size are quite significant, compared to Galaxy S9, which had 5.8 inches and Galaxy S9 Plus with 6.2 inch. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, this one will come with a 5.75-inch screen.

Nevertheless, let’s keep in mind that this increase in the screen sizes of the smartphones doesn’t mean that the devices themselves will be bigger. The screens will be larger only because of the top bezels’ removal. This was made possible thanks to the Infinity-O cutout design.

A halo effect around the cutout

Based on the most recent post from Ice Universe on Twitter, we can expect both Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to have some sort of “special effects around the hole”, similarly to how it is for the Samsung Galaxy A8s. So this means that there will be a glow every time the camera is turned on or whenever the owner’s face is recognized. The leaker also mentions that there could even be more scenes available, who knows.

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